Jane & Nina in Rice Paddy Rumble (courtesy MuddyPinays.com)
Catalog Number tws-44-0120

This clip is on loan to us from www.muddypinays.com, which features sexy, muddy girls from the Phillipines.
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Muddypinays.com says this about Jane:
`Jane is a tough but beautiful lady. She is ready for anything and is very pleasurable to work with. Looking for a partner? Jane would satisfy just about anybody.`
And this about Nina:
`Bio forthcoming.` Well, she`s just hot - that`s all you need to know, right?

About this scene:
`Jane and new girl Nina get silly in muddy rice paddy! This enjoyable scene starts with Jane and Nina walking alongside, and then in, a rice paddy ready for planting. They are wearing short shorts, blouses and sneakers. And the mud in the paddy is really messy. Before long, everything is coated with it especially their hair!
This is a nice long scene. It features lots of pushing and rolling around. Jane and Nina are related by marriage and their resulting friendship is obvious. They really have a good time. The photo set features a large number of nice outtake and cleanup shots.`

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