Linda in `The Japan Quiz`
Catalog Number tws-44-0070

Meet our newest Pied `Asian` Girl, Linda!!! You might have seen her in `The Pie Video`, with Yuko and Kana. BUT Linda`s not quite Asian - she`s Bulgarian. So we decided that she needed to prove that she deserves to be a Pied Asian Girl by proving her knowledge of Japan. So we gave her a quiz.

Correct answers gained her cold hard yen, with which she would be able to buy fantastic prizes! However, incorrect answers got her pies in the face! And some green slime, and pink slime, and chocolate syrup! And the quiz was a little bit difficult, so she got pretty damn messy...

As Linda takes all those pies and all that slime to her face, we also saw to it that she got cleaned up quite between messes with buckets of water thrown at her - several times. So this scene might be of interest to those into wetlook!

But the focus here is definitely on the pies! And her reactions are great everytime; she`s a really funny girl who has a great time getting pied and slimed. And at the end Linda uses her prize money to buy 2 wonderful prizes: first, a honey-gunging! One liter of honey poured over her head & face! She also gets a honey foot-bath; we poured honey over her bare feet and let her wiggle her toes in it.

As usual, this scene was shot with 3 cameras from 3 different angles. One of the angles captures not just her face, but also her sexy bare soles - and this girl has some very nice feet (for those of us who like that!) - just check out some of the still pics!!!

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